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Sunday, 8 February 2015

What did you say !!

October last year I was noticing a kind of unbalanced feeling when I walk.  At times I would walk like I was drunk which is not going to happen because I don't drink alcohol.  I also noticed I couldn't hear the clock ticking when I laid in bed and whilst in work, I had trouble hearing people on the phone.  

Anyway,  I decided to tell the doctor and got a referal to the ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) team and after a hearing test, I am losing hearing in my right ear.  Never mind, I thought, it's just a part of getting older.  Even though I'm only 46.  They then sent for me to have a Caloric Test done which occurred on the 2nd January 2015.  That was not nice.  Basically you lay down and she squirts running water into each ear (one at a time) for a period of time and of different temperature water.  It took an hour because when you have each ear done, the room spins.  I mean SPINS!  You feel sick like your drunk!  While she pours the water into your ear, she looks at your eyes and can see any abnormality.  Basically, if the room didn't spin and my eyes were still focused, I am either dead or something seriously wrong!

The results for that came back a few weeks later as OK!  I then got my hearing aid which will help with the hearing and my balance. I am to try it out and if my hearing and balance improves, then it's worked but if it hasn't, then I could have a hearing aid in my left ear to help.  So far so good... here's my new and apparently modern hearing aid which she told me costs £1000.

It doesn't look like much does it.  It's quite small, much smaller than the ones the ladies at work have got.  The audiologist placed it in my ears and it was connected to a computer and she played different sounds telling me this is the tune it does when the battery is low, and this is the tune when you switch it off.  So for now I am giving it a go and my only moan about it is the little plastic thing that goes right in your ear itches me like crazy.  I have to go back in March for a check up and I will tell her that.

I haven't blogged for about a month and I haven't had a lot to say really.  My day to day routine is just like a robot, I miss Frank not being here, especially when I come home from work and I know Tammie misses him too.  I spend most evenings doing my hobbies and don't really bother cooking.  In fact, I tend to eat a lot of crap rather than a cooked meal.  I find it hard to get up in the mornings, especially when it's still dark out but I have noticed that it's not dark till about 5pm so I am hoping I can walk home after work now.  That will make a big difference to my mind and my purse.  

The gypsy throw I started didn't get much progress, I lost interest in doing a big project and I had an upsetting weekend last week so I decided to turn the squares into a cushion cover.  Here's a photo of it, I just have to get some buttons for it.

It was quite easy to put together and didn't take too long to do.  I am considering crocheting buttons and am currently looking on youtube for ideas.  I have taken all the covers off my cushions on the sofa with the intention of making a load of different covers.  Will start a granny square one soon.

Do you remember the Downton Abbey hat that I made last winter. Frank bought me some lovely merino yarn and it's worn all the time.  I have noticed that when it gets wet it has stretched so I decided to give that hat a rest and knit myself something different.  I have a load of Sirdar Click yarn and after watching my favourite podcast 'the bakery bears' who showed a 'Rikke' Hat in just garter stitch, I thought I'd give it a go.  

It said to do a german twisted cast on which took a little practice but I did it and you know what, it fit's perfect.  That particular cast on gives you some elasticity in the brim of the hat and it's not going to slip down or get blown off. 
I look so miserable in this photo but I wanted to show how comfy it is.  It's got a small slouch to it.  The pattern said to knit for 9 inches but I only did 8 and then did the shaping of the crown.  I have now started a garter cowl to go with it in the Sirdar Click but I am using two balls of yarn together for warmth.  The cowl will be my take to work project and I have started another project which is secret knitting.  I can show you the start of it which I did last night.....

Doesn't look like much does it.  The pattern is  called 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' on ravelry.  I am looking forward to seeing it grow.

That's about it for now.  I have still not got over the chest infection and it's getting me down.  I decided to go for a jog this morning to help perk me up and it did.  I haven't been jogging for about 6 months and I didn't do as bad as I thought.  I ended up coughing me guts up after but I enjoyed it.  

Oh well, am off to do some boring housework and maybe think about something to eat.  Have a good week everyone...

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