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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lazy Sunday

Today is Sunday 4th January 2015 and I declare it a lazy day!  No work till tomorrow, do not intend to go out anywhere which I don't mind that but I do mind not seeing Frank today.  It's 11:20 am and I'm still in my pj's and drinking my second cup of tea.

I'm waiting for the shopping to be delivered by Asda and then Ross and I might do some baking.  That's if he wants to otherwise it's a crafting day for me.  I started another big project last night, a Gypsy Queen Throw which has 252 squares and yes, I am mad!  I do hope I keep to it and get to show it off in a few months.  Here's a photo of one square I did last night which took about 20 minutes..

I had a really good lay in today and woke up at about 9am to a foggy day.  Do you ever get those thoughts that say 'if I was off work for a day I would do so much with my day' but then when you get a day to yourself, you feel low and miserable and don't know what to do.  Well, that's me today !!

Hope you all have a good Sunday and will be back soon.

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