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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cable & Cream finally finished

It's taken longer to think of a name for my latest design than it has to actually knit it.  Well, here it is ...

It has been a miserable day weather wise and after a short break in the rain, we went to the back garden and took loads and loads of photos to try and get a good picture of the blanket.  I quite like the one above because it looks like 'autumn' with the plants in the background slowly fading away however, the green of the shrubs makes it stand out.

I have tried to post a link to the pattern on my blog but am still trying to find a way of doing it so if anyone is interested in the pattern you can pop over to and look for Cable & Cream and it should show the picture above.  My name on ravelry is Bachan so please have a look at my projects and would be glad to hear your comments.

My neice Adele has asked me to make her another pair of fingerless gloves but with a mitten that is removable so I am having a go at designing that now.  Watch this space....

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