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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Annual Leave

Am off work for  Annual Leave and it's been crap week of bad weather, cold and dull.  The rain fall we had yesterday (Monday) was non stop and ended up staying indoors.  I am so tempted to put the central heating on but trying to avoid it.  Instead I put a cardigan on and/or a blanket.

The only work I have been doing is a little housework and lots of crochet and knitting.  My niece asked me to make her another pair of fingerless gloves that can be converted into mittens so I designed a pair.....

I had to decide how to do the mitten part so I thought the best way of doing it is to start a pair of toe up socks using Turkish Cast On and then stop knitting until it is big enough for the tops of fingers.  I sewed it onto the glove and am rather pleased with it.  I have wet blocked it and hopefully wont have to put a button on to hold the mitten back.

I have started another christmas present called "Marakesh' which is a large afghan in a burnt orange colour with embroidery but have decided to just do one panel for now to practice the embroidery.  I haven't done it before so watch this space.

Last night was rather a sad and worrying evening and I spent most of it doing my crafts.  I sorted out the odd balls of acrylic yarn I have and there is a lot.  I put it into a large bag and have got it sitting by my chair...possibly with the intention that it will become a blanket.

I then settled down with a coffee and started crocheting a's from an old craft magazine.  Here's a photo of the magazine and my cosy that I made.  It's a little big and I still have to get a pompom for the top.

Oh well, I'm off to relax and I will leave you with a photo of  Princess Tammie laying down like royalty...

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