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Monday, 23 December 2013

The winds are back

and so far the transport services are not too bad.  I would'nt like to live in Cornwall right now because it must be horrendous but here in London, it's raining, windy and a bit nippy but trains and buses are running ok..(so far)

However, I got home from work tonight and on opening the front door there was a strong smell of gas. So opened windows and doors and rang the National Grid.  They came after an hour and turns out I have a small gas leak.  At 8pm I had to ring the council and they said they would be here in the morning....yeah ok!!

So at the moment I have no heating or hot water and seeing as its Christmas Eve tomorrow, if they don't turn up I am totally sodded up for cooking the meat tomorrow afternoon after work which could then mean toast and jam for christmas dinner or a boring microwave dinner for the inlaw's. .  Oh well, hopefully if I think positive it might be ok.

On the craft front I finished my felted bag
and Tipsy seems to approve of it.  I just know that as soon as I lay it down on the chair, she will be laying on it which will drive me mad cause as much as I love her, I can't stand cat hair over my projects.   She is an old girl Tipsy, aged 14 maybe even 15 and since Peanut died, she has put some weight on and become rather vocal.  God help us if we forget she is out in the garden, she won't stop moaning for ages until she makes you feel so guilty!   

Here is a picture of my first block design. So I obviously called it Block 1.  It's all acrylic and it's totally random.  It gives me an option to practice using several colours but it definetely gets the thinking juices flowing and its not as easy as you think.  Designing is hard, because you have to practice, definetely rip back and then when you are happy you have to write it all down.  I wanted to design some fairly large blocks and yes it is curling up but that's intentional.  I did stitch a few garter rows at first but didn't like it 'framing' the block so I intend to carry on till I am happy with the length and then I will probably crochet an edge. (see I told you the design thoughts just start popping into the head)

Oh well, it's getting late now and after all the excitement of the evening, am ready for bed.  It's going to be a bit chilly up in the bedroom but I have a cute cuddly dog to cuddle up to and a loving partner who will keep me warm!  

I can't believe it's CHRISTMAS EVE tomorrow......
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