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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Gas update

The gas man arrived this morning and spent a good two hours sorting out the problem.  We treated him with a bottle of Red Wine and he went on his merry way.  I on the other hand have had indigestion all day because of the worry so was glad to get home this afternoon and to pop the turkey in the oven.

The house is as clean as it will ever be and am now going to relax, hopefully, and wait for my son to come home to spend christmas day together.

My walk to work was eventful as usual and brings a smile to me every time I walk into the park.  I was greeted with around 100 geese wanting feeding and a small loaf of bread doesn't last long.  I worked it out they cost me £30 a month to feed them but it's all worth it when I see 'crooked billet'.  Here is a photo of a few of them this morning....
 This picture took 6 minutes to download....argh!! drives me mad.  

It's been rather mild here too, the wind hasn't caused any damage in the area where I live or even my park which got hit quite bad last time.  The only wind damage was 8 fence panels in the car park at work which was surprising. Apparently, we are due some more high winds again on Friday (flipping typical when I have to go back to work).

Finally, I want to end today with a very Happy Christmas to all that read's my blog and hope you get the gifts, food and love you want.



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