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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Addicted is an under statement. I have finished 'Squared Out' and did it in just under two weeks. Considering it was a knitting project and not a crochet project that is pretty good!
I ended up doing a border with the same colours and it worked out to 30 inches square. It's roughly a lap blanket for a pram, cot or even when your sitting indoors and your refusing to put the central heating on. Talking about the weather, us British moan about it all the time and this brit is going to have a moan. We have had the season of summer go overnight literally! I can't believe how wet, cold and windy it has got. (That was for about two days) and then it went back up to 80's for two days and now we have had rain, fog, mist, heavy winds and barely going above 60 degrees. It has been cold today and I put on layers of clothes because I absolutely refuse to put the central heating on in September. I try to wait till at least the begining of October.
Talking about October, Tammie will be 10 years old on the 13th October and this photo is showing that she looks fed up! I was sitting on the sofa knitting away at my new project and I realised I had dropped a stitch. I unravelled it to the point of where I dropped the stitch, and Tammie decided to lay next to me and rest her head on the ball of wool. I could not make her move and I got Frank to take a photo of her. She looks so fed up but I had a feeling she wasn't feeling too good. Anyway, my sons came over and I ended up walking her a little and came back to do dinner. Then about an hour ago she was laying next to me on the sofa and she had a little fit, the first one in about 8 weeks. It was only a mild one but it was still a little upsetting. It only lasted about a minute and then she was back to her normal self. Here is a photo of my cat, Tipsy just so she don't feel left out. She looks like she has been told off but I promise you, she hasnt.
Other than a normal week at work and counting down the days till the weekend, there's not been much going on. We went to Southend on Sea yesterday for a while but it was pretty wet and miserable. We went to our favourite cafe for breakfast and had a look around the shops for a while then got the train back. I left Frank at Romford and I went to see my friend at the local hospital. I ended up being there for over two hours and met Frank back at home. So, haven't done much really accept have a little lay in so I will leave you with a photo of my next project I am doing.....have a good week everyone.
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