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Saturday, 7 September 2013

All squared up

This is the update, it's no longer called Autumn on the way, I used some pink yarn and can't seem to substantiate where pink would come into the equasion of autumn. I am only making 9 squares and am then going to put a log cabin border around it using the colours already in the squares. I have had a pretty crap week, spent most of it worrying and feeling low but today (Saturday) is the first day that I feel a better so we went shopping to Asda's early and was back by 11am. We had a cuppa and then I started my housework and unfortunately, I got that 'bleach' feeling and filled up a washing up bowl with a little bleach and warm water and got on my hands and knees, cleaned the skirting boards, living room door and laminate floor. I then beat the crap out of the rug and put it back on the floor. I then hoovered through up the stairs, wiped down woodwork and picture frames then I saw some unsightly cobwebs lurking so a good tip is to rinse out a clean mop and get all the water out of it and use that to gently wipe down cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling and coving. Next I tackled the bathroom and decided after resting at the top of the stairs to stop before I knacker myself. Plus I want to do the two bedrooms tomorrow so it was time to put all the cleaning stuff away, have another cuppa and update my blog whilst listening to the radio on the tv. My next task for the day is to do some more of the square blanket, watch my favourite podcasts and then around 5pm, cook a fresh veg pizza that has been bought at Asda. Frank is off out to the library shortly while the sun has come out and then this evening will be a quite one as usual. So have a good evening everyone and I might update tomorrow again, we will see.
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