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Monday, 6 May 2013

CAKE! two in fact. I decided what's the point in going to all that effort to make ONE! So I made two Lemon & Poppy Seed Cake (thanks to Lorraine Pascale's recipes). I just decided to add the last of my cherrie's on the top of one. I could have gone out today with Frank and pup but I just wanted to relax at home and how better than to do some baking. I pulled the cooker out and cleaned, stripped the bed, turned the mattress and general pottering about, had a walk down to Homebase just now and got loads of bedding plants for £10 and am now relaxing for an hour till dinner is due to be started. Frank has been spending most of the day pottering around in the garden, front and back and is now as we speak, planting up the hanging baskets. I will take a photo of them when they are established but here is a photo of the back garden (from the seating area). I was looking through my baking book and thought, apart from the washing on the line, it is quite pleasant and cottage like!One side of the garden is a bit bare but we are working on it to get it established with shade loving plants. Plus my cat Peanut is buried one side under the Kiria and don't want to disturb him resting. The other photo is of Tammie watching, following and sniffing everything that Frank does. She has to investigate everything in the garden but right now, it must be too hot for her because she is sprawled on the living room floor fast asleep. Think I will join her!
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