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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kew Gardens, we went to Kew yesterday 28th May on the most wettest and miserable day of the month. I would not have gone if I had not pre-booked tickets and we only ended up going to three greenhouses. Bloody huge greenhouses and very impressive. We wanted to go to Bluebell Wood, Azalea Gardens, Rose Garden etc but just couldn't because the heaven's just opened. Firstly, we went into the tropical greenhouse and it was so hot in there my phone wouldn't take picture's properly. It was wonderful though and the only photo's I got are these ones...I have done a close up of the plant name, its so beautiful. There is so much to see and so many rare plants I would recommend that you go there if you can, just to see the tropical greenhouse. The next photo's show you an absolute amazing lily pond, the flowers are beyond this world and the lily pads are at least 6 feet in diameter and they are not the largest. The water of the pond is dyed black to stop algae growing and there are loads of fish in there. Some of the flowers are as a big as dinner plates and its just so impressive. We went to the cafe for a while which is linked to the shop and let's just say, its for tourists. It's absolutely disgusting the prices of food and am not too keen on their hygiene standards.I said to Frank I will go in and purchase a small Kew Umbrella, Well, I actually admit that I swore because there is no way I am paying £18 for a brolly. The bigger ones were £25. Sorry, but I could have bought it but begrudge that price tag. I wanted to purchase a gift for my Ma in law and thought a Kew Tea Towel or a Handsoap, but alas, £12 for a teatowel and £15 for a handsoap, NOPE! We went to the Temperate House which will be closed in the summer for major renovation and I must say, it's so flipping huge. The plants inside are so rare and they are having to dig a lot of it up to survive the renovations. The first picture of a palm tree is very rare. There was only one left which was a male and so no female to polunate with. Kew polonated (don't know how) and this is one of 500. It looks so rough to touch but it really isn't. The second photo is of the largest palm tree in the country if not the world. It is actually touching the roof of Temperate House and is one of the reasons they are having to renovate. I do remember it being on Gardener's World when Alan Titchmarsh was talking about the history of Kew. All in all, I had a good few hours of touching the trees, saying hello to them, touching the leaves of palms, ferns and so much more. We sat outside a temple called 'Temple of Arethusa' on some memorial seats to have our packed lunch and then we started walking along and found a gorgeous huge tree called 'cedrus deodara' and again, is bloody huge. I had to touch it, couldn't help myself because I wouldn't see a tree like that again. If you get a chance, google it and you will see what I mean. Finally, I will leave you with a photo of a wall of orchids which are situated in the 'Princess of Wales' Conservatory. Wow!
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