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Sunday, 28 April 2013

My picture gallery of the garden so far..It's coming on a treat. It perks you up when you see the garden coming to life and even better when you have someone to enjoy it with. Do you remember the Fritilaria's that Frank planted, well as you can see they are thriving. The only ones that haven't come up are the black ones but never mind, I think we did pretty darn well with the orange and yellow. They are gorgeous don't you think!Frank planted a load of crocus's and they are beautiful. We are in the process of planting some Pulsatilla's and Saxifrage's but am just waiting for the final frost's to go so they don't get ruined. We planted some bacopa the other day with Nemesis in our two tiered basket and they are looking great but haven't yet taken a picture of them. Finally, as you can see from the photo, Tammie is enjoying the garden too. She love's the sunny spot on the chair and when we are pottering around she is always following us, sniffing at everything to see what we are up to. Quilt Update It was going very well and I put it down for a while to watch a bit of t.v. and suddenly noticed a mistake I had made. In fact, a very big mistake and I said a few cursed words too. I had started sewing on the final four rows of hexagons only to find I had missed a whole row of cream coloured ones and so what did I do! Frank said it wasn't noticeable but I know it would be everytime I looked at it so I had to rip two rows of hexagons away (that's 50 hexagons) and then sewed another 25 cream ones to join. Last night (Saturday) I finished the final stage and am now up to date with the last two rows and then it's plain sailing (I hope). Here is a photo of where I had to 'rip it back'. I haven't done any of my crochet blanket yet, I just want to finish this hexagon quilt. I have started collecting fabric for a few quilt's I want to make for christmas presents and so far I have spent about £30 on fabric. I am shopping around and found some bargains on e-bay. Once I have collected all of the fabric I want, I will make both quilts at the same time. Finally, we went for a lovely walk this morning at our local park and it was so peaceful and not a soul around and I took this picture because it just cheered me up. We then went to Romford for a change and I got my cutting mat for the immense amount of cutting of fabric I will have to do. Frank then showed me a picture he liked the last time he went to Romford without me and said he wanted to buy it but didn't know if I liked it. Well, I love it! It's gorgeous.. That's it for now, am going to do some sewing of that flipping quilt and wait for my programme to come on at 9pm called The Village. Have a good week everyone!
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