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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Not a lot going on at the moment. Just work, rest and not much knitting/crochet either. We had decided to get started on decorating the back bedroom a few weeks ago, after my son moved out. Let's just say, it was a PIT, totally and utterly and I didn't go in there much because of it. Anyway, so far F and I have painted, wall papered and yesterday morning (Saturday) I got cracking on the patterned wallpaper. I like to call it a feature wall. We took up the old carpet and decided to leave the floorboards showing. We decided that we will get a rug instead. It's amazing how big the room's a picture of my old cat Tipsy enjoying the bed. I finished the round blanket and will post a completed picture of it soon, I am knitting a small vest for a baby at the moment but my mind is not in the zone..don't know why! I had the very very best Valentines Day and here is a moonpig card I got from was delivered to m work with a dozen roses and a beautiful vase.Oh well, am off now. Back to work tomorrow..have a good week everyone.
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