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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Canary Wharf....this is a view from the bus we take to head back home after visiting family. The busy road you see ahead is called A102 Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road and it's busy all the time, especially at peak times. It's not a bad picture really when the bus was slowly moving. You can see the HSBC building, Citi Bank and the Canary Wharf building which, on a clear night, you can see from our house. I don't know if you are aware, but there is a bright flashing light at the very top of it and we can see that when we walk Tammie.
The next two photo's take you a little further into our journey home and as you can see, the Millenium Dome sit's in the distance. The bus that we are on travel's through the Millenium Village which, in my opinion, is not a village but it's got a lot of design features, green areas and gorgeous shrubs and trees so its got a vote from me.
We wanted to avoid this area when we were travelling last year in August because of the Olympics but to be honest, it wasn't too bad. We thought the London Underground Service and the Bus Service would not handle the amount of visitor's in London but we were quite impressed with the travel. Even when we went right into London, Oxford Street etc, it was packed but there was barely a few minutes wait for the next train or bus. The second picture is obviously a close up whilst still on the bus and we often see people walking up the roof using that special blue path you can see in the picture, and you can stand on top of the dome and see for miles. I wouldn't mind giving it a go one day but not when it's a blowy day though, yikes!
Finally, this new construction as you can see is the famous 'Cable Car' that was built to help keep the tourist's commuting and also our city workers. It's rather scary looking at first but during the Olympics, the queue's to get on it was horrendous. I certainly wouldn't que up for hours just to get on it for a few minutes. Unfortunately, they have to shut it down regularly when we get high winds which probably annoy's a few commuters. Well, that's a few unexpected photo's I wasn't intending to take. Just in case your wondering, the train station that sit's right next to the Millenium Dome is called 'North Greenwich' which if you are going to the Dome to visit, or to see shows etc, its the best station to aim for. It's on the Jubilee Line!
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