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Friday, 27 May 2011

They dont care

After myself and sister in law fighting Barking and Dagenham Council for just one room so brother R can put his head down safely every evening, we were then hopefull that a local Hostel could help. Well, we were wrong because unless your an alcoholic or drug addict living on the street and want to come off the street, they wont help either because their words were (your a fit adult and you dont need help). Funnily enough thats the exact words the council said to brother R. So after contacting Citizens Advice, Sally Army, Shelter and god knows how many other places, there is a waiting list as long as japanese wall. Sister M found a flat for R but they want two months deposit and one months rent which works out to £2,100. How the hell can an unemployed bloke with £65 a week to live on have that kind of money.

Basically he has nowhere to go. Brother S has a spare room which sits empty every evening but is not willing to help his own blood, so on Sunday brother R is sleeping on my sofa and hopefully for only alternate 2 weeks. Yes it will be nice to have a bit of company but was getting use to my own space.

We are all guilty of saying it 'theres no council places left cause the foreigners are in them all' and yeah, I reckon a high percentage are and also, a high percentage are living in private accomodation. But what does it feel like having no place called 'home' to a person who was born and brought up in the same area that he cant get a room.

Just so fed up right now.
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