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Friday, 20 May 2011

What, why and dont understand

I've been hunting for an image to post on this to show how angry I am but just cannot find one for the sheer level of anger I have now. It's not a violent anger, I have never done that, but mere frustration.

My brother is going to be homeless from Friday 27th May because his money grabbing landlord has evicted him. To cut a long story short, council wont house him because he is not priority even though he has learning difficulties and unemployed. He also has access to his 5 year old son every weekend which he will lose because he has nowhere to go with him. I just dont know what he is going to do. I am going to ring him later to see if he has had any luck.

He cant go to YMCA because he is too old (46) and his only other option is a hostel which is not very nice when you consider the horror stories of living in a hostel.
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