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Monday, 25 April 2011

Heres what I did

So I cant afford £16.99 per tin of tile paint and I wanted 4 colours so when I looked at what the paint consists of, I decided to clean the tiles, paint them with emulsion, use a grout pen to tidy up the lines, re-seal around the bottom of the tiles and then varnish. It cost £12 all together and all I have to do now is varnish the tiles to protect them from water.

I did the same thing a few years ago with green paint and got bored with them but I wanted to be occupied with getting the house how I want it and always wanted a country kitchen style. I am going to paint the walls magnolia and then need to work out what to do with the kitchen doors because they are all different. I know its not the norm for this kind of design in Dagenham but if it keeps me happy and occupied, why not..Then I went into the garden today to tidy up and prepare it all for some bedding plants. I am hoping to get loads of Osteospermum's because they go mad in my garden and will look great in the borders.

We had a lovely storm on Saturday afternoon. I was putting the first coat of paint on the tiles with the back door open and within an hour it came over dull and close. Then BANG, thunder, lightning and then the rain came. It was wonderfull to hear it and did the garden such a lot of good. It only lasted about half hour, the thunder, but it was enough to clear the humidity a bit.

Oh well, am gonna go and do some more pottering about. Started knitting Jo's wedding afghan this morning so intend to do some more of it later.
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