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Saturday, 23 April 2011

I went, I bought, I came back.

Yep, I was out a few hours around charity shops in Upminster and got a flipping bargain. A Marks & Spencers Dress for £4 so I am well pleased. I also got some paint tester pots and a new brush. I will be experimenting an idea for my kitchen so watch this space and these are the colours I chose. What else did I buy. Oh yeah, some 1200 meters of double knit yarn for a wedding afghan I am doing for a dear friend of mine. I would not have got through the past year without her friendship. Am not going to post the picture on here cause I dont want to ruin it.

this is what I have already started. The pattern is called 'Crochet Swirl' out of Inside Crochet Magazine, Issue 11 but I think it will look great as a throw for the sofa. Its used with two strands of double knit together and has got 40 swirls. I am on the 5th one now. Its well cool and easy to do.

I also got some packs of seeds for 35p out of Aldi's and some naughty chocolate treats which I know I shouldnt, but cant resist. Oh well, am off to tidy up and get prepared for a day at work tomorrow. Got to find somewhere to hide 75 small Easter Eggs...
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