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Saturday, 9 April 2011

The pains of gardening

I went to Romford early this morning and managed to get some bits for work and ended up buying some fabric and wool too for a project that I will start later today. I got home about 12 lunch time and after a well earned cuppa and some pottering around the house, I spent about 2 hours in the garden. My back garden is South facing and I get full sun all day so there are times in the summer, that you cant sit out there. I pruned the big caeonothus tree and cant wait for that to flower, it gets beautiful blue flowers on it. Then I dug over the sides, sorted out a load of pots that I dont want anymore (stored them in my little greenhouse for now)and replaced some of the soil in the pots I do want to keep. I am hoping this year I will be able to afford to go to a nursery and get some plants. I wasnt up to it last year but this summer, I want the garden to be my sanctuary. I've got some space to put a few new shrubs this year too. I think I am going to go reds, yellows and pinks this year for the colours. Am hoping to save enough for a little patio set with umbrella so I can sit out there in the shade and eat my dinner.

On the crafting front, well as you can see I obviously cant tell the difference in the shades of red I have used. I was knitting this cable design for a bag and didnt realise that the shade of red was different and did not notice until I was blocking it that it was totally wrong. Oh well, serves me right for knitting when I am tired. I will save it though, I can use it for an odds and sods blanket later in the winter.

The next bit of knitting achievement was this Rico Pompon Scarf. It was given to me by a friend at craft club who had got fed up with it so I unpicked it (which is a challenge in itself) and then I tried to knit it myself. That was a year ago and was sitting in my wardrobe till yesterday. I unpicked it, went on Youtube and found an easy detailed tutorial and whilst watching 'Lambing Live' on BBC2 I got the hang of it. In an hour, this is how much I got done and intend to finish it tonight and put away for a christmas present. I looked up the price of the Rico Pompon and its a £10 just for one ball, cant believe that.

After all that gardening I am absolutely shattered and intend to enjoy a well earned rest in my corner. Its waiting for some bedding plants next month and I am going to be quite cosy in that corner. Stroll on summer.
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