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Monday, 18 May 2015

Cake & Crochet

I should really say that the title of this post should be Exercise & The Sedentary Position because most of my days are sitting at a desk, snacking and not much else.  I still walk to work and walk home which is 4 miles in total but I think I need to boost myself and make a plan of some kind.  My jogging is so inside of me that every time when I am out and I see people jogging, I just want to kick my shoes off and go running but then by the time I am home and fed up with misery, I sit indoors after walking Tammie and just crochet or knit.

I started a new crochet project that I can carry around with me and take to work and it is this lovely christening shawl that is free on ravelry.

Its a Vintage pattern and says to use crochet cotton but my fingers would not be able to do that so Frank got me some Robin 4ply and I am using a 4mm hook and so far its coming out great.  Here is a picture of my progress from the weekend.

I have also been making cakes and I found a recipe of Mary Berry's called Victoria Sandwich and here is a photo of my successful cake making skill that may never happen again.

I seriously need to go jogging!

Now I have had an idea I have been thinking about a lot lately and it is to do with crochet.  I feel like a robot a lot of the times and my evenings and weekends are just about spending time with my family and my crafts.  I was thinking of doing a few short video tutorials on crochet techniques that people may be interested in.  So if you have taken the time to read this and other 'posts' and would like to learn some techniques for crochet or even knitting, let me know please and I will give it a go.  Obviously I will not infringe on any paid for patterns nor upset anyones copyright and will always get permission should the need arise.

So, let me know whether you would be interested and I will start looking into it.   Have a good week.

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