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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Charles Dickens House and Broadstairs, Kent.

We have had a lovely week off and certainly done some travelling.  We went to London on the train to Lower Marsh Street to visit a favourite cafe and next door was the wool shop, I Knit...which is one of my favourites.

On the Tuesday we went back to London to take Frank's Mum to Liberty's and John Lewis.  Liberty's is so easy to get to by train.  We got the District Line to West Ham, got the Jubilee Line to Waterloo and then the Bakerloo Line to Oxford Circus.  It sound's like a lot of messing around but it's not, when you get off the train it shows you different arrows to exit with the name of roads and you just go to the one that says Argyll Street.  When you go up the steps from the station you do a left, and then an immediate left and you are walking down Argyll Street and directly in front of you is Liberty's of London.  We had a good walk around the 'soap's and smelled every one and then we had a look at the cushions.  My goodness, I would have to work a week to pay for one but so gorgeous.  We then walked back towards the station and had some lunch in McDonald's and as you come out of there, there is a big John  Lewis Store and had a look around in the Haberdashery section.

We certainly did some travelling and walking that day and used our Oyster Card's a lot but the day we were really looking forward to was Wednesday because we had got train tickets for the High Speed 1 train to Broadstairs.  We got up excited, left quite early and got the District Line train to Barking Station and then got the Hammersmith & City Line Train to Kings Cross St Pancras.  Blimey, it was almost an hour's journey just doing that and when we got the Kings Cross we had a bit of bother looking for the platform.  It is such a busy station and there are so many platforms its crazy. You were playing dodgems with people just to get around.  Apparently you can get the Euro train that takes you through the tunnel to abroad, I didn't know that!

We found our platform and here is a photo of the train we got is like a bullet!
That photo was taken at Broadstairs, Kent when we were returning home and it is so fast, it has a top speed of 140mph and we did that coming home.  It was brilliant.

Frank took a video of me knitting whilst on the train showing the speed we were going at.........

and it was such a smooth ride, it was brilliant.

When we got to Broadstairs it was so peaceful and calm.  You walk out of the station, down some steps and walk towards the sea.  There is a small high street and parade of shops and that's all!  That's how I like arcade machines making loads of noise, no loud music from cars driving past and certainly no roudy drunk people. Just quaint little shops, sweet shop, bakers, charity shops a couple of banks and a local supermarket.

It's a gorgeous beach, a couple of little tavern pubs, a hotel called The Albion that you can get into via the high street or from the beach side.  We sat and had lunch there with gorgeous views of the sea and it's horizon.  Here are a few photos of our first visit on Wednesday where we saw Charles Dickens House which is so small. You could pay to go inside to look around or visit the shop but we were happy with just taking a little photo.

The second photo is of one of the oldest taverns in the town and the photo directly above is where I have decided I want to retire.  They are called 'Serene Cottages".  There is no walkway to get through and they are so sweet with all the cottage garden flowers.  Can you see on the right hand corner of the picture a table with cups etc on.  Well, that is where there is the best Tea and Cake Shop and it would be like heaven.  Home made bakery bread and cakes and a cuppa!  What else could a girl ask for.

Here is a picture of Viking Bay which is the beach where the high street leads you too.....

Isn't it gorgeous.  The sand is so soft and silky to walk on and I don't know what it is about hearing the sea thrashing about at the edge, I just love it.  It relax's me and at times makes me feel emotional.

We had a rest day on Thursday and then on Friday we went back to Broadstairs but this time we took she is enjoying a whole seat to herself whilst doing 140mph

We got there around 11am and had a walk around, found a woolshop which was quite quaint and then went down to say hello to the sea again.  Tammie went potty, she would have run to the edge and fallen down.  We stood by the railings, with Tammie on her lead, and she went under the railing to the edge of the bay and looked down to see the seagulls flying around.  The waves were thrashing and she was so excited.  We went back a steep hill and did a sharp left which is a shortcut to the beach side of the Albion Hotel where the restaurant is.  There is a lovely little shop on that turning and it had a very low window display of beanie toys etc and Tammie stood up on her back legs, with her paws on the window clawing at it cause she would have dragged that toy out of the window if she could.  

We sat and had lunch again with Tammie at our feet with her water and snacks and then went for a long walk towards Louisa Bay and Dumpton Gap.  I will post a few pictures here now so you can see the walkway you go along at the side of the sea and you can see the cliffs of white stone towering to the right of us.  Dumpton Gap is a weird name for a Bay but I tell you this, its gorgeous and serene.  It's so quite and the only down side is that flipping hill you come to that you have to walk up to get back up the top towards the town.....I hope you enjoy the photos....

I might be a bit on the chubby side but I jog every other day and walk 4 miles a day and even that hill would give me a heart attack.  It is so steep.  Of course, if Tammie were a bigger dog she could have pulled us up it which would have been much more pleasant!

Oh well, I think I have posted enough for loads of boring chores to do now because I have to go back to boring and stressful work tomorrow.  I have done a fair bit of my crafts but I will save that for the next post.....have a good week.
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