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Monday, 12 May 2014

Anderson Shelter and Dig for Victory

Just a quick hello and to show you what we found whilst on our visit to a local library.  The library is called Valence Library and set behind it is one of the oldest buildings in the borough.  It's called 'Valence House Museum'.  The photo above of the white house is the museum and its got such a lot about the area, who lived there but also about the way people lived and worked and also denotes the efforts and losses of both the World War's.

You walk through the herb garden which is abundant of flowers and herbs and is just so relaxing to take your book and read.  At the far end of the herb garden is an old Anderson Shelter which has various items inside that families would need when there was an air raid.  i.e. a hard hat, a gas mask.  Around the shelter there would be vegetables growing to hide the shelter from enemy planes and most residents would give up their gardens of pretty grass and flowers to grow vegetables to give to their families and neighbours.

There is also a small lake next door which is fenced off and protected and has loads of wildlife around it.  It's not very big but is a joy to walk around.  There is a rumour that there is a ghost that walks around the lake called 'the lady of the lake' and there is a photo inside the museum of it.

I am off to do some more designing and will leave you with a photo of my goodies I got at I Knit, London today.  Does anyone remember 'the clangers' from 1969...I don't cause I'm too young but my partner does...

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