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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Walmart!! About time

We went for a stroll to Asda this morning to get a few bits and as I walked in I gasped...WOOL.  Only acrylic but a small section with wool, knitting needles, circulars, crochet hooks, gauge marker for needles and sewing stuff.  I can't believe it...really I can't.  When Asda opened near where I live around 15 years (maybe more) ago, they had a whole aisle on yarn, mags and craft stuff and it was gone within a year.  I was mortified because I either had to go to that miserable sod at the wool shop in the Heathway who would only let you buy a pattern and the wool or have to travel 5 miles to Romford.

When I see my friends on ravelry blog on their podcasts that they bought loads of wool in their Walmart I was envious and now I am hoping that my Asda will sell loads more colours.  £2 for a 100g ball and it's a brand I haven't heard of 'Hollings Mill Bradford', it has 295 meter's per ball.  That made my day today....

We got back from Asda around 12:30pm, had a cup of proper tea and some christmas cake.  Now I say cup of tea and I mean 'tea leaves'.  I used my modern tea strainer that was given to me by Ma and I used my newly purchased Yorkshire Tea Leaves...wanna see
It has such a different taste than using tea bags.  I have a teapot on my shelf and when I get enough people to visit I will brew a pot.  

I went back to work on Thursday and vowed to myself that I would not get 'stressed'.  I was good and just plodded on and was glad when 5pm came and I clocked out.  

Weather's flipping freezing.  I watch the news mainly for updates of the weather and those poor people in USA suffering those snow storms, ice conditions and I can't believe they are still functioning with their normal routine.  If that weather was here I am telling you with absolutely no doubt, everything would stop,  buses, taxi's, trains, airports, schools, universities.  

It's getting cold here in boring Dagenham but it's nothing compared to USA weather.  Frank is hoping it doesn't snow because he works outdoor's and the company he works for just say 'don't come in, use a day's annual leave'.  You can't exactly cut grass, shrubs or rake up leaves in snow!

This morning it was so sunny but so cold and the next photos show's you an 'anemone' that is flowering in my front garden and also a winter primrose. There are more bulbs coming through too i.e. crocus's, ranuculous and soon the daffodil's will start growing with this sunshine.

We have had a hard frost this morning but it doesn't seem to be doing any harm to the flowers, even over the park the rose bushes have still got a few flowers on.

Oh well,  my plans for the rest of the day now that Tammie has had her walk and I am totally stuffed with my dinner, will be to crochet some more of the Primrose Throw.  I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have altered my 'queue' list on my ravelry because I have a lot of thing's I want to make this year.  I do hope I get to do them all.....

By the way, I GOT TICKETS TO THE KNIT & STITCH SHOW AT LONDON'S OLYMPIA, Frank surprised me with the ticket's on Friday so I said to him 'be ready to be dragged over three floor's of wool.'  He is going to prepare himself and so is his WALLET!!   Time for me to save some penny's too.....

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