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Monday, 6 January 2014

A jogger's nightmare

Yep, that's what happened to me on Sunday.  Planned for a long jog around my local area, got half way round and was thinking to myself 'keep going, nearly done' and then the next thing was facing flat down on the ground and heard a click.  My hip, arm and pride was really hurt. A fella asked if I wanted help up but I said no and I pulled myself up using the railing of the school.  Tried not to cry but you know how it is with us girls...wanted to stay in a heap on the floor and sob but got up and tried to walk, or should I say shuffle to the path of the park and crept very tentatively along hoping the guy would bugger off so I can just swear and swear and swear.   I eventually did and don't know how I managed to get along the path because the pain was unreal.  I rang Frank crying and he darted out to me and I said I think I should go to A & E.  He said 'I knew you were going to hurt yourself' and we ended up two hours. Thankfully after an x-ray and a stroppy doctor, I was told I had damaged hip muscles and need to rest up for at least a week.  Frank told me point blankly I am not to go to work this week and the doctor agreed but I said I would take a few days off to rest with my leg elevated.

I can get up the stairs on all fours and come down them on my bum but this morning, I can get up and down the stairs normal but carefully. However, on waking up today my lower back has been hurting and my left arm is killing now.  I think it's where I fell you put your arm out to protect your face and my arm took my weight so I have been popping pain killers whilst I crochet...

When a girl is off work and instructions from fella says 'leave the housework and dinner, I will do it when I get in' what else am I suppose to do other than watch crap tv and crochet.  So that's what I did and here is the progress of my Primrose Throw which is out of my new book I got for christmas.

It's a little out of focus s will put another picture on here as soon as this flipping computer will let me.  So far it's almost 100 primrose's.  I did a whole row whilst watching Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 this afternoon.  I love Harry Potter mainly because it reminds me of reading to my boys at bed time and they loved it..

Oh well, am off to do a bit more whilst the pills have eased the pain in the arm.....
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