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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Photo's of Hurricane

I finally worked out how to get my photos on here from my flipping stupid. I just unplug my charger and use the cable from that to poke into my phone and laptop! Here are some photo's of the damage at the park I walk through every day... There were other trees down but I think the above pictures are enough to see. We went for a walk after the storm had passed in the afternoon and the sun was starting to come down and the birds were you can see by the next photo.... Update of my knitting etc...I have made a lot and here is a few... The first one is my own Downton Hat for winter, I wear it all the time at the moment. I made two of those hats and designed a scarf to go with one as a christmas gift. The other photo of the two black hats are a christmas present too. I also made this from a pattern but the yarn is very splitty, I still have two balls left so have got a 'bolero' kind of cardi in mind for it. My blanket collection this year so far...well ones that I haven't given away.. plus here is my stash so far too.. I have got loads more to show but am off to do a little baking, thanks for your patience.
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