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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Hurricane on the 28th trains

I have avoided posting recently because am having problems with my card reader in transferring photos. I mainly use my mobile phone for photo additions but the card reader won't work or the computer is not working properly. I have come to a decision, am going to take the card reader to work and see if it works on my computer there and if it don't, problem solved and I need a new reader. So, unfortunately, no photos at the moment. I have got some lovely ones too especially of Egyptian Geese that I have fed on the way to work whilst walking through my local park. I also have some photo's of my local train station and also some projects that I have completed or working on now. Frank took me to London Oxford Street on the 28th Oct to have a look around and my word, it was quiet. Why you may ask, well we had weather warnings of a hurricane reaching 80 miles an hour and thank god I had already booked the day off for annual leave. The weather office kept everyone informed of when the hurricane will hit and it was almost to the time they said. 5am on the 28th October. It blew up, ripped down my neighbours fence, Frank even saw a few birds trying to fly and they kept getting knocked in the gusts but thankfully not hurt. The funny thing was, a wooden chair in my back garden moved about a foot and the old roasting tray that we keep outside for putting in small pots of cuttings didn't move an inch. Doesn't make sense does it! The travel updates were good too and most trains were not running and would resume around 10am which guess what, that's when the hurricane would have left us. It did and we decided to go make our journey to Oxford Street around 10:30am, and the train at my local station was packed and it got worse as we headed in towards London. I live near the start of the district line and we had to get to Mile End and then got the Central Line to Oxford Circus. The trains were packed but there was loads of extra trains put on so we just let one go by and waited two minutes for the next one. We spent around 4 hours walking around London and got a few christmas presents then got home around 3pm. We then decided after having dinner to take the dog for a walk over the park to see if there was any damage and it's sad to say, there was. A couple of tree's pulled up, or big huge branches snapped off like twigs. One whole tree was totally killed and I have photos of the damage so will put them on here when I can. Thankfully, the birds seemed unscathed but they did follow us with the bread along the footpath so they must have been hungry and glad of some food. I went back to work Tuesday and I thought maybe the council had started clearing up the park but they hadn't. Frank works for a council maintenance team for parks etc and he said they would make tree's safe in parks and then go and do priorities first on estate blocks and roads. Shame to say, the tree's are still there broken and I hope they come and do them soon. I have started my jogging again, very carefully and trying to aggravate my 'plantar fascitis'. I tend to do only a couple of miles every other day in the evenings and enjoy it. I am so glad the the heat and humidity has gone now and the cooler weather has arrived. It makes you want to cook stews and casseroles and eat naughty puddings too (hence the jogging). It's dark here around 5pm now and we will be getting the back garden ready for wintrer soon. Oh well, am going to do some knitting on a final christmas present and then am going to have a rest from it and get the crochet out..keep an eye out for the photo updates which I will try and do this weekend.
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