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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Target 60

I have been crocheting squares from Jan Eaton's book called "200 crochet blocks" and I have done around 26 of the designs. I have also done a few of my own and got to 52 so far. I am really enjoying it and decided to soak them in Comfort Softener in a bowl for 10 minutes and then spin them on a short spin in the washing machine. It's been lovely and warm today with a light breeze so I decided to put them outside on the table to dry off and they did within 10 minutes.
I ended up spending a couple of hours sorting out some of them, some ended up too big and I had to take away a row from a few of the squares. They are all now waiting to have the ends cut off and then I can do the join as you go method of crochet. I want to find a nice silvery grey to do the border and edges so am not rushing. I also decided to use the little leftover bits to make a start with doing a single crochet blanket. It's going quite well, will show a picture soon. Sorry this is a short one, not done much other than work and housework. Tammie is doing ok and Typsy is fine too, not liked the humidity much and be quite glad when it all gets back to normal.
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