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Thursday, 17 September 2009

The English Weather

As soon as the school summer holidays are over, the weather changes to Autumn. I'm not bothered completely, I just know that in about a months time the mornings and evenings are going to be dark and thats what I hate. I love Autumn and the colours of that season.

I have been on annual leave from work for nearly 2 weeks now and I cant say I have loved it. The recession has hit us very hard and every time I watch the news on the television, it really gets on my nerves. But, I am not going to involve politics on here, it bores me to tears.

What have I made in my two weeks off. A pair of fingerless gloves, a pair of leg warmers, a fair isle tote bag that went wrong when I tried to felt it, and a beaded head band for my cousin. Not bad really because its even done my diet good too (have not thought about food much). Oh, and a lacy curtain for my bathroom.

I have been watching a lot of youtube videos about knitting and crochet and I find that I watch more on the computer than I do watching tv programmes. TV is so boring. Tell a lie, I tell ya what I did watch the day before yesterday, a programme about the trains in New York and the tunnels. I couldnt believe that it runs 24/7. Why cant they do that over here in the UK!

Am off to take my best friend out for a walk before it starts to get chilly. See ya.
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