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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A sweet tomato heel

As a knitter and a crocheter, if i can find a pattern to knit a pair of socks with no heel gusset, heel turn, picking up stitches and no changing of colours, i would promise myself that i would only ever knit this sock ever.

Well i have finally put together the right kind of different designs that i cast on and then kitchener stitch at the toe with no cutting of yarn.

Firstly, I have decided that the best cast on for a stretchy leg or ankle sock is going to be  a German Twisted Cast on. (type it in youtube and you can see it). Its flipping brilliant and with fat ankles or skinny ankles, it fits lovely.

The next bit is just awesome!  Sweet Tomato heel by Cat Bhordi.....heres a photo of what it looks like on a sock........
Three wedges and thats enough for an adult sized foot. I put together my own little pattern using Regia Sock Yarn to make Frank a pair of green socks which is one of his favourite colours.  Please go and have a look at youtube and type in Sweet Tomato Heel by Cat Bhordi and see for yourselves how easy it is.

I then decided I liked the kitchener stitch to finish at the toe and it gives such a seamless end that looks professional.  So here is a photo of the front of the foot and also my brief pattern that I did for Franks size 10.5 foot.

Materials 2.25mm dpns, 3 of them.
100g of Regia sock yarn
Stitch Markers

Cast on 69 stitches using German Twisted Cast on and knit 1, purl 1 making sure you have 23 stitches on each needle.  Do K1, P1 for 2.5 inches and decide with a stitch marker which is going to be the top of the foot, then knit in the round until you have the length of the leg that you want.  I did 4.5 inches before I started the heel.

Do the Sweet Tomato Heel for 3 wedges and then knit in the round for 70 rows. 
Change to a circular needle of the same size and using magic loop with even amount of stitches on both needles, do ssk at begining and k2 together at the end of the first set of stitches.  Do exactly the same on the back set of stitches.  You are decreasing 4 stitches in a row.  Knit one round.

Repeat the decrease row and knit row until you have 18 stitches left on each needle.  Then kitchener off.   Simple!

Right, Im off to do a bit more knitting whilst its still light out and watch Trout Mail podcast...have a good week and keep enjoying the weather because I dont think its going to last for long.   

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