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Sunday, 1 June 2014

A country affair

We went to The Chase Nature Reserve today which had a Country Fair and we met some lovely goats, sheep and a Police Dog.  We also went into some craft huts which was a little disappointing and had a little walk around.  There was a very large horse, breed Suffolk Punch and was only one of only 500 left and it's job is to pull logs etc on farmlands.  He was gorgeous brindle/tan colour.  Anyway, we then went to get something to eat and ended up at a Burger Stall which had no prices.  We took a chance and ordered two cheeseburgers, small bottle of water and a cola.  Guess how much...........£10.  If we werent so hungry, we would have said 'keep the burgers'.  

After that we went to get some ice cream and took Tammie for a walk around the reserve.  I remembered one route and I was reminiscing a lot because it was where I use to take my kids when they were little and when I had the luxury of a car.   We found a few more fishing lakes and here is a photo of one......

Here's a couple of photos I took of one of the pens the animals were kept in......

Isn't this one above cute!

On the crafting side I have finished another Tunisian Blanket design and I have called it Tunisian Panel & Lace Lap Blanket.  It is on my projects page at and my user name is 'bachan', in case anyone wants to read the description.  Here is a photo of it just as a teaser.....

I am off now to do some crafting whilst the weather is nice...and prepare my mind and body for a stressful week ahead.

Have a lovely week everyone.......happy crafting.
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