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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Becontree in film

Take a look at this film. Its on for half an hour and it tells you the history of where I live.  I recognise some of the old folk in it and they talk about the doodlebug bombs, housing being put up which was one of the biggest housing projects worldwide called 'Becontree Estate.  They also talk about when the rent man from the council use to come knocking and how people would hide in the house pretending not to be there because they didnt have the rent that week.  They talk about how you had to keep your windows clean, garden tidy and doorstep scrubbed and if you didn't, the council would have a go.  Except, nowadays people just don't have any standards anymore and its such a shame...I love it where I live, I just wish the people would stop and take note.

Hope you enjoy it and will be back later with some updates of my projects and life in general.
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