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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Haven't blogged since November, my apologies to those few that read this. It's been a difficult time the past couple of months and I still have my moments but thought I should pop in. I got my christmas present's finished that I wanted to make and they were appreciated and are being used, which makes it worth while. I had lost my 'mojo' for a while because of worries and lost more weight but am trying to hold my head up and get on with life. Let's face it, it's only 'me' that can kick myself up the arse to get through.
As you can see, we have got SNOW. The second picture was taken only a few hours ago of my back garden and it still hasn't stopped snowing. It's good to see even though its about 3 weeks late when we really wanted it.
I have been making a single bed blanket to get together a stock of blankets to sell, just in case someone wants a special blanket that you can't buy in shops. This has taken me a couple of months, which is bad for me, but at least its almost finished. Just got to do a white border around it and then its done. I am going to wash it in the machine and then got to think of how to store it without it getting dusty. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Have spent the weekend doing nothing. Literally. So am going now to watch some podcasts. Have a good week and will try my best to post once a week.
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