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Friday, 4 March 2016

You know I said on Sunday....

that I was going to be good with my eating from Monday....Well, I sort of was but then by Thursday it all went out the window.   I have a good reason why I had to purchase a jam doughnut on the way to work yesterday morning plus a chocolate bar for later in the day.  The reason was this little lady...

This first photo was taken today around 2pm and if you look close enough you can see two new things.  A new rug for my front room costing £40 and my dear old cat Tipsy with a bandage around her right knee.  The story goes like this...

Tipsy has not been poohing or weeing much and on Wednesday she was weeing little bits of blood and every few minutes was trying to wee but not doing anything. She also left a terrible mess all over the house which I took a video of to show the vet just in case it would help with his diagnosis.  I rang the vet and they said to bring her in at 7pm on Thursday evening but after getting up for work and Tipsy trying to urinate at least 12 times, I rang the vet after getting in work and Frank took her.  

She was not a happy cat because she had never been to the vet and at 18 years old nearly, it would have been quite upsetting for her.  Anyway, she had blood tests and two of them came back abnormal.  One showing an allergy of some sort and the other, more serious one is her urea blood count was high.  This apparently means her kidneys may not be functioning well.  They kept her in overnight and it was awful for us to be here, at home, without her.  I had spent the day quite tearful and missing her and was glad that I was off work today.  

The vet rang me today (Friday) to say that she had a comfortable night but had not urinated for them to take a sample and that was all they needed to get a proper diagnosis for her kidney function.  They rang me again at about 1200 noon to say they had tried to syringe some urine from her but she was not having any of it.  So, I brought her home with some special cat litter and then waited till she peed.  
She did, thank God!  At about 5pm we rushed up the vets with the pee and got home about an hour ago.  Now in between the waiting for the wee and going up to the vets Tipsy decides to go and preen herself on my son Ross old bed which is her spot.  You can see by the amount of cat fur on the pillow. (Ross does not actually sleep in that bed anymore).

I think she is glad to be home and we are too. 

Now we are just waiting and praying that the results of her urine test are ok.  I know she is an old cat and has never had anything wrong with her and I understand one day she will leave this world, just like most of us one day.  However, I am not ready for her to go and I am praying harder than ever tonight that the results are just a kidney infection of some sort that she will get over from.  He has put her on a course of Nisomox anti biotics, which is what Tammie is on for her liver shunt, and I hope this is enough to cure her.  

So because of this going on I have had to have a bit of comfort eating and not much relaxing on my day off today.  I am at work tomorrow but at least Frank will be home to keep an eye on her and we just have to wait for the vet to call us in the morning.

I am now sitting in my living room with the tv switched off, Frank has gone up to bed because he is tired and I shall now try and do a bit of Tunisian Crochet and watch a podcast called Knitting Expat on youtube.

Fingers crossed and I will post an update of good news, I hope!!!

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