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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tipsy update

When Tipsy came home from the vets it was like nothing had happened.  She has been eating, sleeping, taking her medication, wee and pooh fine and generally ok.  When the vet said she was definetely around 18 years old you start noticing that she looks grey around the face and over the past few months she has been doing strange things.  For example, she will fall asleep on the arm of the sofa and all of a sudden she will fall off, she never used to do that.  

Anyway, the update is the urine shows kidney crystals which could turn into stones so she went back yesterday (Thursday) for her check up and he is pleased with her so far.  Took another urine sample and he said she has to stay on the Renal Food which costs £12 for 12 pouches.  She seems to love it!   The kidney infection is common with older cats so all we are doing is trying to keep her happy and free from discomfort.  

As far as the crafting goes, I have lost my mojo for it.  I am still knitting on the memories blanket and trying to get that done, but I was designing a pattern in tunisian crochet but I was not enjoying it so I have put it away.  I have and want to design something that is going to be popular for everyones taste but I just keep drawing a blank so I am backing off a bit and just concentrating on one thing.  I do want to start a project using my more expensive yarn, especially the Unwound Yarn Company yarn in the burnt orange that Frank bought me from Brighton so I may just spend time looking out for a pattern of some sort.

That is it really,  it is Friday 11th March around 0730 and ready for another day of work.  I did take a photo the other day of a very stealth like heron in the stream at Goresbrook Park.

There must be fish in that stream otherwise he would not bother hanging around.

Do you remember me saying I knitted a lot of can can scarves last year, well a lot of them were for Ma who wanted them as gifts for friends and family and also herself.  Look what she does with them for storage.

Its a good idea!

I am off now, hope you all have a good weekend.  I have got my beautiful Grand Daughter tonight and all me and Frank will be doing is giving her lots of cuddles.  

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