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Monday, 14 March 2016

If it suits...

I had to take today (Monday) as a rest day because this coming Saturday is my day to work plus I had a blood test appointment this morning.  So I devised a plan that on Sunday I would spend it getting all of my household chores done so that after my appointment today, I would go for a little jog and then spend the rest of the day working on my blanket and watching podcasts.     I was not sure whether it was a good thing to start jogging again but last night, made me finally decide that I should.

I went to see my friend last night (Sunday) for just a few hours and when I left I really needed to go to the toilet. So the last 100 yards I had to run home and in those few minutes of running, I took the biggest deep breath I have done in 8 months.  I told Frank that it is something I must start doing again, even if it is only a mile or a ten minute jog because it makes my breathing so much better.  I have not put on lots of weight but what I have put on has gone straight to my hips and bum.  I also have noticed a lot of issues from my knees down with swelling, joint aches and feet hurting.

Anyway, this morning I walked to my appointment in my jogging gear, had the blood test and then started jogging.  It was fantastic and within two minutes I was taking deep wonderful breaths and the freshness of the air was perfect.  Listening to Heart Radio just made the 1.2 miles go really quickly and before I knew it, I was walking off the last few steps and back home.   I set myself a little goal which was to run to the park that I walk through every morning to work and then back again which I did.

So now I have had my cuppa to cure my fasting, I have had my bowl of cereal for breakfast and am now going to spend the rest of the day watching podcasts and knitting on my mitred blanket.  In fact here is a photo of the blanket so far and let me tell you, I have had quite enough of this blanket now.

I have only got 13 squares to finish the final part to get it the width I want it to be and that is my aim for today.  I intend to do an i-cord edging to finish it.   When I say I have had enough of it, it is not meant as a bad comment.  

I do not like having lots of projects on the go at once, to me that is the start of having a lot of Unfinished Projects and could end up being frogged, so I try to have a small project for my bag which I unpicked and lost the plot with it a few days ago.  I just want to get this blanket done now, it has been on the go since March last year and whilst I have not worked on it every day, in fact, probably at one point I had not picked it up for about a month, it just needs to come to an end. 

This is a photo of the basket that I keep some of the yarn in for it and my goodness, it has gone down a lot.  It was a mountain in that thing.

One of the other reasons it needs to be finished is I have been getting some design ideas in my head for other things and I get frustrated that I cannot start them because of this blinking blanket.  I write ideas down to return to later, but just cannot bring myself to start them because I know the blanket would be left and become an ufo. 

So that is my goal today, tea, knit and podcast watching in that order.  

I am now off to enjoy the day, I hope so I will leave you with a photo of my beautiful daffodils that are blooming lovely.

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