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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Steam Train & Christmas Tree

It has been quite a while since I wrote last and  I have not felt like updating my ravelry project, I have deleted a lot of friends from facebook over the past month and just kept quiet for a while. Been quite miserable to be honest.

Firstly, today is Christmas Eve and I celebrate it with having my Frank home now, we are going to spend a quiet Christmas day together with the pup and tipsy.  My son and his partner are coming over in the morning for a christmas breakfast and they are bringing with them the best present any Mum would want.  My first Grand Daughter, Magic.  She has made my whole outlook brighter and has ended a rather crap year quite wonderfully.  Here is a photo of her, she was born a month ago and was quite stressful for her parents and grand parents but she got better and better and is now the best present I could ever want.  

Her name is Mya and the first time I met her at the Intensive Care Unit one word came into my head, Magic and that is what I call her because she has brought Magic into my life and got rid of all the horrid feelings and emotions.  Here she is....

I cannot wait for my cuddles in the morning, I just hope she is awake because she is always asleep when I get to hold her.

The Steam Train 

This gorgeous train surprised us when we got off the District Line Train at Upminster Station.  The Lancashire Fusilier Steam Train was pulling 12 carriages and most of them were dining.  There were lots of train enthusiasts there and it made our day. The smell, the noise and the pure size of it was awesome. We had a look at what it would cost to go on a ride like this and they start at £300 per person.  No way, just not within my budget.  It was fantastic when it pulled away and all the steam filling the air.

Christmas Tree

This photo was taken on the 23/12/15 by Frank who went shopping in London and can you guess where it is.  Trafalgar Square to be exact and it was fairly early in the morning and not many people about.  


I have kept myself busy most evenings working on a Tunisian Crochet Project that will be a Christmas Present, I finally finished it a couple of days ago and cross stitched a tag for it.  I will put a photo on here once the recipient has received it and I can photograph them with it.  

Work Update

I have been working now for 2 months in a distribution centre as a Transport Admin and at the moment, I am not sure how I feel about it but it pays the bills for now.  I just wish I could find a job in a yarn shop so that I can finally, after over 30 years of working, say that I enjoy my job.

Oh well, I am going to work on my Mitred Blanket at last and start knitting some happy squares into it. I will leave you with a photo taken about a week ago of Ross, the proud new Dad taking a selfie with Mya....Have a wonderful Christmas and hope you all get lots of food and happiness.


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