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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The culprit....

Do not be deceived by this innocent cosy and sleepy cat.  Look what she did below...

I am knitting myself a small rug for my front room and is made of expensive Rowan Country Yarn. I had put it down to answer the house phone and before I knew it, Tipsy started scuffing it trying to make a bed and I raised my voice to her telling her off.  She has made a fibre stick up and it wont go back.  

I had to get my quilt that I made and threw it on the sofa for her and she immediately curled up with no apology or anything!  You wait Tipsy.......

After five and a half weeks of not working and worrying about when the next penny is coming into the house I have taken a job of an Activities Co-Ordinator and it is only 30 hours per week.  It is not what I really wanted to go back to, in fact I wanted to come out of care altogether but I am just not getting anywhere with my applications for office work.  It is so hard now to get what you want and a decent wage to go with it plus the annoying thing is everytime you go on the gov website to browse for jobs it is all agencies advertising.  I have lost count of how many agencies I have signed up to and even worse than that, do you think you actually hear anything from the.  NOPE!!

I am hoping I can kick myself up the bum and get on with designing so that I could make up the shortfall of income but at the moment, I dont know when that will happen. In fact, I am just going to stick with what comes along and be thank full.  

Anyway, enough of that and back to my weekend of baking and foraging.  I baked another cake for Frank and on Sunday we went to Danson Park and went looking for some acorns from the really old tree.  Here is a photo to remind you and there is Danson House in the background.  

As you can see there is a fence around the tree to protect its roots and branches.  It is over 200 years old.  There were no acorns around to be seen and its either the squirrels or the local schools that have collected them so I thought it would not hurt if I climbed over the fence and gently went searching for just one acorn.  Here is a photo of me foraging..

I actually found 1, just one acorn and Frank and I are going to plant it to see if it will take.  

Well that is all I have for the moment, not much really and I am sure you dont want to see photos of me cleaning the house to keep busy.   

I have been watching podcasts in the afternoon and I actually shouted at the laptop the other day whilst watching The Bakery Bears Podcast.  A husband and wife knitting team who started a quiz where they have to answer questions about knitting and poor Dan got his question wrong so I froze the picture, took a photo and posted it on my Instagram and tagging Kay and Dan.  Here is the photo....

If you like watching podcasts about knitting, sewing, books and star wars/lego then take a look because it is well worth it.  They also do a section called Favourite Places to Knit and much more.  Here is the link for their podcast

Hope you enjoy it!

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