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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Convent Garden, The Strand and

Burger King at Charing Cross.

On Thursday we bought a travel card for the trains and buses and we started by getting to Convent Garden in London.  Here is a crazy guy juggling swords whilst having a plaster on his shin.

We didn't stop long because we saw a beautiful display of balloons towering over the seating area,  here is what I mean.

The meaning of the balloons relates to the history of Convent Garden and it's heritage.  If you can read the photo below it explains it and the designer.  

We then had a walk through St James Park and the below photo was taken whilst walking over the foot bridge and you can see the London Eye.

We ended up at Charing Cross Station and was hungry so decided Burger King was our dietary need. 

Oh well,  I'm off to do some more creating and hope you liked the photos

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