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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

And so it begins ....episode 2

I just want to say thank you to the 175 people that took the time to read my last post. It must have been the title of the post so I hope you all like the next stage, so do I !!!

In between the last blogpost I have had two interviews, one of them I really wanted but did not get short listed and the other one I got the job but after doing one shift, I walked out of there in the pouring rain, cold and so depressed that I cried all the way to the bus and then forced myself to a small quiet cry until I got to my front door.  Luckily it was raining so much that my head was down and when I got indoors I did not want to go out ever again.   That is the honest truth and I refuse to write that everything goes to plan and the days are lovely because thats not real life!

After going to bed and talking to my family I decided that I do not want to work in the care of elderly anymore, its supported me for the past 15 years but that is it.  I then made myself get up and spent the rest of the day crafting and crafting.  I could not concentrate on anything other than my mitred blanket and did 10 squares in just a few days.  I spent a long weekend at Franks with his family and did baking and chatting and going for walks.

I have actually spent hours and hours applying for jobs all normally by e-mail and I have had one reply out of over 20 and that reply was to say they would keep hold of my cv.  I have joined agency after agency and no telephone calls, I have rang up all of those companies that I had a business relationship with via ex-employers but to no avail as of yet.  I have however been shortlisted again for something and I am praying that I am successful so am not going to say anything because I just do not want to jinx it.  

Frank and I had this week booked off work as a holiday so we went out for few hours a day and I came home to job search and general housework chores.  Today we went to Southend on Sea and it was a lovely warm day. We did our usual routine of going on the arcade machines, (spent a whole £2 in 2p coins), we went into the cafe we love and then we crossed the road and had a look in Gabes Yarn Shop.  I got chatting with the lady who owns it and I said to her that my local yarn store had closed down after 40 years and it is so hard to get a job in a yarn store and she said that she employs people part time and rarely has a vacancy because the staff have been here for years and are ex-customers.

Maybe I should go to the bank manager and say can you let me open a yarn store, here is my business plan and expect him/her to say of course Susan!

Here is a photo  of their window display and I fell in love with the blanket a long time ago and will one day get it done.

This is the better photo of the colourful blanket.  I have plenty of yarn to make it and will one day.

The next photo below is a sneaky one that Frank took of me whilst having a look at the yarns,  I go off into a place within my mind that just screams that there is not enough hours in the day.

Anyway, we went into the Valerie Pattiserie a bit later and then headed back on the train so I got out my crochet project whilst it was chugging along on the tracks.

Frank stayed on the train to his destination and I got off and headed home to Tammie and my chores.  I did take Tam out for a walk straight away and then when I got home I felt like I was getting really down so I weeded the front garden path and kept busy for a while until I could get ready for bed.

I watched a few podcasts and I have just seen the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off which I was looking forward to because it was about gluten free products.  I am not in need of Gluten Free, I am just interested in the range that is called free from products.

Whilst that was on I have completed stage 1 of my crochet project, here it is and it is a polystyrene ring from Hobbycraft for £2.50 and some baby blue acrylic that was an absolute nightmare sewing it on.  

This is the front of it and you have to sew it so it gathers at the back and keeps the flow of the design even at the front and not distorted.

This photo next door is showing the back and honestly, you must PIN IT with safety pins all the way round so that you can stitch the gathering evenly.

Its still in the thinking process on how I am going to decorate it so I will hope that you can all come back next time and see its progress.

So without much more to say other than I am so glad the summer has almost gone and the autumn colours are going to be showing soon, I shall say goodnight and leave you with a photo of a traditional Southend on Sea photo.

Have a good week everyone!
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