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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A busy bee...sort of!

I firmly believe that my crafts are causing me a discomfort in the neck, almost like a headache, achy shoulders and a weak grip.  That does not mean I will giving up the crafts, no way!!

Tipsy has been behaving herself and kept off my rug.  I finally finished it the other day and after deliberation, it sits in front of my baking books.  It has worked out rather well with the sizing, which was just a fluke but it softens the laminate flooring until I can afford to buy a big rug.  Here is a picture
I had to move Tammies feeding bowl so she did not ruin the rug with her food and she seems ok about it.  When I first got Tammie, I wanted to have her feeding in the kitchen but she just would not do it.  When she eats, she likes to turn her head round to me as if to say Thanks Mum, and then carries on eating.  She does that several times.  When I had Peanut, the mad black cat, he was always fed in the kitchen and Tipsy was fed on one of the steps on the stairs because she felt safe.  Our pets have such funny routines......

The next project that I am crocheting is a Spiderman blanket for a christmas present.  I have made a few of these before and once you get past that first bit, the rest of it is easy to do.  When it is the size I want it to be, I will crochet black chain stitch from the centre out to create a kind of web.  

I was working on it a fair bit but my designing head has sprung into action and so I leave the spiderman blanket on my bedside table and work a couple of rows on it every night.  

My next crochet project is a Winter Wreath by Lucy at Attic24, I decided to crochet all the flowers, leaves and weeny balls first before I crocheted the wreath covering.  I have a link below for you to go to Attic24 project.

It is for an experienced crocheter and I started making the leaves on Monday afternoon and by yesterday (Tuesday) I had it all done except for the Robin and the wreath covering.  Granted my neck is hurting today because of the 6 hours crocheting.    Here are a couple of photos for you to enjoy of my work so far..

The Hellebore Flowers are very addictive and I only followed the pattern once and was able to remember how to do the other two.  I might get a small badge like pin to attach on the back of another one for a brooch...

Bits and Bobs

I am waiting for a start date for a new job which I am excited about (sort of) and I have still been trying to keep busy during the day whilst at home.  I would go absolutely bonkers if I did not have crafts to do.  

I am so glad summer has gone now and welcome Autumn with open arms.  It is getting dark around 7pm now, rather chilly of an evening so I get the blankets out to keep warm.  I refuse to put the heating on until at least nearing end of October.  

Frank and I have not been out anywhere really of a weekend, might do some christmas visits to London once my finances are better.  I just cannot bare the crowds in London, especially Oxford Street.  It is absolutely crazy there.

Anyway, I am going to grab a cuppa, a bag of crisps and potter around a bit.  I have spent a lot of my time watching podcasts and have even re-watched a few too because they brighten the day plus there is absolutely nothing worth watching on tv.  Well, apart from Bake Off which is on tonight...wooohooo!!

Have a good week and thank you to everyone who reads my posts...

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