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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday already

Hi, I cannot believe it is Wednesday evening already.  I am happy that it is because in two more sleeps I get to see Frank again.  It is like having a little holiday each weekend.

Since I last posted I have done more of the Cute Critter Purses, in fact here is a photo of the four I have done so far.
 A rabbit, puppy, pig and cow!

I have one more to do which is a grey cat and then I am going to have a little rest for a couple of days from making them because I have an idea about a toy I would like to design and/or crochet.  Then after my little rest, I will have another two purses to make for one of Franks colleagues at work.

I have been feeding the birds each day and this morning I had a treat of seeing a close up of the Heron that is always lurking around the edge of the lake.  

He is standing there like he owns the place and I know he is only after some of the fish in the lake.  He doesnt seem to have an appetite for bread although saying that, the squirrel came up to me today and took a piece of the crust from the slice of bread.  He had to run fast to get away because them nasty crows were chasing him.  I do like the crows but I am beginning to think they need a bit of a telling off now and then.  

It has been rather warm here still, in fact, the word is humid.  I cannot stand it, I do not know how you guys who live in hot climates can put up with it.  One of the podcasts that I watch called Come Knit With Us lives in Phoenix, Arizona and it is always over 100f, no way!  I could not manage that, I would be grumpy all the time.  In fact yesterday (Tuesday) I checked the temperature of my office and it was 96 f, no wonder I had the hump and a headache.

Oh well, it is almost 9pm and I am ready to go and get some sleep.  Hope you all have a good week and shall be back again soon.....take care.
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