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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Gosling progress and other cute critters

Hey do you remember the goslings I took a photo of at the beginning of June, here is the photo to remind you...
of their cuteness.  It is a shame that they dont keep their yellow colouring as they get older.

I have been feeding them every morning, five mornings a week in fact and they have gradually got nearer and nearer, bigger and bigger.  They still making that gorgeous tweeting sound even is a photo of them on Friday 17th July at around 0800,  
There are still four of them and you can see they are starting to get their proper feathers now.  The tail feathers were the first to show and now they are getting their wing feathers.  I have even fed one of them out of my hand and they are so adorable that I just do not know how I have stopped myself from trying to stroke one!

I have spent the week doing the norm of work routine and trying to get back to my jogging too, I did get up rather early one morning and switched on my pedometer and kept it on the whole day and was surprised to see that I had done over 16,000 steps.  However, my knees and ankles were killing me the next day so I decided to switch on the pedometer app on my phone every day, even in work because I do a sit down job and to see if there is any difference in my steps.  Nope!  That is all I can say.  I walk to work, I walk home which is 10,000 steps.  I kept the pedometer on all day and by the time I took it off after walking Tammie it was still £16,000 steps so I guess I am still doing a fair amount of movement.  I will, however keep the pedometer on this week just to make sure that I am getting enough exercise, it is also helping me to see how many calories I am using and makes me watch what I am eating too.  I have been comfort eating and I have put 4 kilos on which is not good at all, which is probably why my knees and ankles hurt too.  

On the crafting side I am still doing my mitred blanket but I am also making Cute Critter Purses to sell so that I can boost my savings.  Here is a couple of photos for you to see the progress..

They are pretty easy to crochet for an experienced crocheter like me.  I have eight to make already and am now on the piggy one.  

I still have the Cow one to do soon and that is going to be the hardest because of the colour changes but am looking forward to it.

I have had a lovely weekend with Frank again and always feel low when I have to leave him so I am now off to have a little nap and then to do a little bit of crafting or even gardening....bye for now.

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