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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Co-Op English Tea and Tipsy

Hi everyone, back again to another blogpost to bore you.  I hope not anyway.

Lets face it, this week has been about the unbearable weather and me moaning about it.  I just cannot help it because I am never happy about it.  I love spring, I love Autumn, I put up with Summer because everything flowers lovely and there is a blue sky above our heads.  I am not that fond of winter because of the long dark nights but I do like to wear my knitted hats, scarves, shawls and gloves.

Today has just flashed by, almost like a strike of lightening to be honest because the minute I got into work and stuck into the chores of the day, the morning went and it was 1pm already.  I finished off what I was doing and sat out in the garden at work about 1.30 for a cuppa and a knit.  Then after what only seemed like five minutes of going back into the office, it was almost 4pm and I had made a big dent in my work load so I am hoping to get things cleared tomorrow.  Thats my plan anyway!

I came home and the rain started to arrive and a clap of thunder but it really was not that much and by the time I got home, it had all stopped.  I walked pup straight away and then spent half an hour ironing because to be honest, it had been sitting there for about 2 weeks and it took me half hour to do.  I hate ironing!!      I then got washed and changed for bed and ended up watching a podcast called Tilly Trout on youtube about knitting.  She lives in the countryside with her family and spends a fortune on yarn and good luck to her.

I then made myself a nice cup of Co-Op Loose Leaf Tea, here is a photo for you to see.

You simply put a teaspoon of tea leaves in the strainer (which is the blue thing in the photo on the right), pour on hot water from the kettle and let it be for five minutes.  Then pull the strainer out which holds the wet leaves and then pour in your milk.  It makes a stronger cuppa and it is perfect!  Much better than a teabag.  The added bonus too is you throw the leaves onto the soil in the garden around the roses, dig it in and your giving the ground some natural compost.  That is what my Nan says anyway!

I have done another two squares on my mitred blanket tonight, eaten a little chocolate and a peanut butter sandwich and am now wishing I had not because now I feel even more guilty that I have not been jogging for quite a while.  I have got to get motivated with that again....

It is now 9.15pm and I am ready to hit the sack, so I will leave you with a photo of Tipsy who came in moaning from the garden because I wanted to lock up. 

Night everyone, it is finally Friday tomorrow.

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