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Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Sail at Liberty, London

We popped along to Oxford Street today to go to John Lewis because they have a yarn sale on.  However, before I show you my presents from Frank, we did go to Liberty's shortly after because I wanted to see if I could get Ma a Purple Liberty Bauble.  I didn't get the bauble but I did get a great picture of the Sails in the front area when you walk in.  The entrance is through the flower stall and you walk right into the gorgeous Liberty Print scarves and if you look above, there are the sails.  We walked up to the top floor and I  took a couple of photo's for you to see.

I couldn't get the bauble that I wanted which was my fault, I should have gone there before Christmas but at least I know what to get as a small gift this year for Christmas 2015.

We got the train as usual to Oxford Street and the weather was atrocious!  It had not stopped raining the whole time.  We went to the habadashery department and Frank wanted to show me some bargain packs of yarn that they had last week on sale and he was hoping that they still had the yarn that he thought I would like.   They did!   Wow, only £2.79 a ball and here it is....

Frank bought me 10 balls of the autumn orange colour and 7 balls of the green colour.  It's Viscose & Alpaca and is called Rowan Frost.  There's only 82 yards on each ball and it recommends a size 5 needle but I'm not sure I want to use that size.  I am thinking of a beautiful large shawl for me to wear in the summer but am not going to rush into it just yet!

Frank took a photo of the Habadashery Department in John Lewis Store....

After a walk around the Electrical Department we came out of John Lewis and it was chucking down with rain.  That's when we decided to go to Liberty quick and then we went to McDonald's for a bite to eat.  We then got on a bus and train and went to Essex Road in Islington because I really wanted to get the Walnut & Sultana Bread from there.  It was still raining so we headed back to the station to head home.  

Frank took me to Barking and we said goodbye and when I got home I felt quite low.  I had some of the bread with a cuppa and decided to get my acrylic yarn out and spread it on the bed.  I want to crochet a blanket from one of the books Frank got me so I decided the colours I wanted to use and have started it.  I have made one square so far and will post a picture of it later on.  All I have to do now is make another 251 squares.....I must be mad!

Oh well, there's crap on the tv and it's past 9pm so I am going up to bed and maybe watch a short podcast.  Night night all.

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