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Friday, 2 January 2015

Danson Park, Welling

Hi, I went back to work on the 29th December and it was hectic to say the least.  I was so glad when 5pm came and I could go home and relax.  I still can't get rid of this horrible cough after the flu and it has turned into a chesty cough.  On Tuesday morning it was so frozen outside that I had to resort to a thick wooly jumper, my winter scarf and a very warm grey hat that I knitted.  It was so cold and frozen that the floor was quite slippery and when I got to the park this is what I saw...

The birds were quiet which was strange but as I walked round towards the lake, they were all in the middle by the island because as you can see from the photo below, the lake was frozen.

Directly behind me is a large grassed area with trees and shrubs so I turned my back and started throwing pieces of bread and the geese flew directly above me and made a lot of noise with their wings and anyone who doesn't like birds flying near them, would have screamed.  However, I felt like they were putting a show on for me.  There must have been around 100 of them. The only one I didn't see was Billet!  I always check to make sure no one was around because I start talking to them like they listen and it probably sounds.

When New Year's Eve came I had to work and Frank met me outside and we went home, collected Tammie and then we went to Frank's Mum for New Year.  We couldn't stay up late and by 10pm went to bed.  I got loads of text messages through the early hours but I was too tired to reply.  I had a good lay in and then while Ma was cooking the beef,  we went for a walk that ended up being almost two hours to Danson Park in Welling.  It's such a big park and there's Danson House, a Rose Garden and so much more.  The big lake was partially frozen and I saw my favourite tree,  here's a photo of it.

There's a fence around it and a plaque because it was planted in the 1600's.  It is so gorgeous when all the leaves are on it.  I would have loved to have gone over to it to get closer but it was so muddy over there that we stayed on the path.  We then walked around to a small tea hut and then walked around the lake for a while.  

We then went back to Ma's starving and had a lovely roast dinner with family.  I fell asleep on the sofa for a while and Frank read. We had supper and then Frank's brother and girlfriend brought us home.  Frank came back and stayed the night because I had a hospital appointment early this morning (Friday) which wasn't pleasant and then we had a look around Romford for a while and came home.

I spent the afternoon tidying up my bedroom and then felt a bit rough so I ended up having a two hour nap, Ross did too!   I got my plaited cowl out to sew in ends and it has turned out really really good.   Here's a photo..........

I didn't knit the plaited part the whole length it should be and I'm glad I didn't.  It wraps double around my neck and I still have a whole ball left of the yarn so I have started a ribbed hat to go with it.  

Finally, after a crap 2014 I wish it goodbye and all the troubles and pain that has come my families way.   I want to be stronger, calmer and happier.  If I can have that for the people I love, then I will be happier than ever.

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