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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Not much going on other than podcasts


I haven't got anything to show for this podcast as far as knitting or crochet goes, in fact, I haven't done much crafts at all.  I've been feeling rough and low and lost enthusiasm for it all.  I haven't even bothered with Christmas Decoration's at home either which will be the first time ever.

I have been trying to design a new blanket and keep thinking of ideas but there's never enough time in the day.  I am also trying to set a target from the new year to have a long term project for 2015 but am undecided as to what it will be.

Tammie had a check up yesterday at the vets and she is doing well.  She is still on her tablets but has reduced them slightly, her weight is fine but I have got to find a lot of money to get her teeth done as soon as possible.  She has bad teeth and loose teeth and although it doesn't seem to effect her eating, it will give her a better quality of life if she has it done.  I treated her to a new toy when we were waiting to be seen and she loves it, here it is...
The great thing about her new toy is - there is a button to turn off the squeaker....pucker!!

I'm off to get a cuppa now and hope you all have a good week and not stressing too much about Christmas.  

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