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Monday, 8 December 2014

Lost in the yarn

Hi,  I'm sorry I haven't posted on here.  I have been really busy what with work, overtime and just trying to relax in the evening.  The dark mornings and early dark nights have not helped with the routine of the day but (touch wood), I am kicking myself up the arse most of the time and just trying to get on.

I have worn my Dragonflies Hat and it's definetely not a winter hat.  More like a springtime or autumn hat.  It's slightly stretched a bit so I am worried if it rains how much longer it will get.  Anyway, it's done and that's the main thing.

I finished Ross's they are on his size 11 feet.

I had about 20g left which I have saved for a sock blanket that I would like to have as a long time project.

I also lost the will to carry on with a crochet blanket that I was doing with random acrylic yarn and I ended up finishing after about 7 rows and turned it into a funky scarf which is quite warm and the colours are so bright.  Here's a picture of it.

I also wanted to knit the Capucine hat again but with a chunky yarn and it has come out very well, it's much warmer too which is what I wanted.  Here's a photo of it......

I also started and finished within 24 hours another toy which is the pink bunny.  Here is a photo of her and she is all wrapped as a present for Lilly. 
I am now off to see what I can make next because trust me...the tv at night is so boring I end up going to bed with the lamp on around 8pm and just knit, crochet or look at my craft books.  Thanks for reading....

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