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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Oxford Street Visit

I am back on blogger for now, I'm trying to keep a normal routine and most nights I do my crafts, walk Tammie and do some housework.  However, Saturday Frank and I went to London for a few hours and we walked around Oxford Street which was absolutely jammed packed with crowds.  I am going to avoid it when Christmas get's nearer.

Here is a photo of one of the window displays in John Lewis Store, the penguins are so cute and dressed in their knitwear.

We were walking around spending more time trying to avoid people bashing into us and I was getting rather irritable inside so we started to head our way back to the train station when we noticed the traffic had disappeared.  Frank looked down the road and saw some flashing blue lights and policemen on motor bikes and then we heard some shouting but it wasn't was these guys doing a half marathon for Help the Hero's.  Apparently they are Paratroop's and their front man was shouting encouragement to them....

People started clapping and kids were standing in the middle of the road doing 'high fives' to the men.  It was really good to see.

That was yesterday and I came home and spent the rest of the day alone with Tammie feeling quite low. I spent the evening crocheting another panel of the Tunisian Blanket which is a gift for Tracy and then I went upstairs to bed about 9pm but couldn't get to sleep so I ended up sitting on the edge of my bed knitting until my neck started aching.  Ross (my son) hadn't come home yet so I just turned the light off and waited for sleep to arrive.  Mind you, I never hear him come in or go up to bed and as long as I don't get woken up or come downstairs in the morning to a mess, he's really no bother.  

Today is Sunday and my eldest son came round for a while and we had a cuppa together and a nice chat.  I told him I'm not bothering with Christmas this year and he was ok with that so all I am doing is giving some money to my family.  To be honest, I will be glad to see the back of 2014 and hope that 2015 start's positively for everyone that i love and care about.

Ross has gone out now and I managed to have a Yorkshire Pudding dinner and now I am going to do some embroidery on the second panel of the Tunisian Blanket.  Hope you all have a good week and will be back again with progress....

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