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Friday, 14 March 2014

Knit & Stitch Show at Olympia

Here are my goodies I bought at the Knit & Stitch Show today.  It's on for 4 days and was a real 'tactile' treat.  Frank walked around with me admiring the quilts and embroidery and we had a expensive sausage muffin and coffee as a snack (was really nice).  We then carried on walking around and all I really wanted was some handspun and found these.  They are 100% wool, hand dyed and 100g each one.  The lady said they are 380 yards and at £6.50 each its a flipping bargain.  I bought two, the pink ones, and Frank treated me to the orange and green ones.  We had another cup of coffee, (not cheap) but I said this is holiday time and what the heck!   I then wanted to get some double pointed needles for sock knitting and found some Knit Pro Karbonz so I treated myself because they will go with my collection of Knit Pro Karbonz that Frank got me at christmas.

We walked around a bit more and to be honest, I was expecting it to be really busy.  I went about three years ago with my friend Debbie and it was over two floors and packed.  What a difference three years make.  The Ideal Home Exhibition was on too so the train was quite busy on the way there and I was surprised that there was no ladies knitting on the train because if my memory is correct, there was loads of excited knitters travelling the last time.

We stayed there a couple of hours and then left about 1:15pm because it's situated in London we didn't want to get stuck with the Friday commuters going home early or the school kids travelling.  We walked from Olympia, London to West Kensington Train Station which only took about ten minutes and got the train within seconds.  We got back home to Dagenham at around 2:45 so just in time to avoid the noisy school kids.

As you can see, the Primrose Afghan is going well.  After 3 months doing 380 flowers I have had enough of it.  It fit's our King Size bed and I am now doing the edge flowers in order to go all the way round with a border.  It is so bright and colourful and I posted it on Facebook under Arne & Carlos's page and I have had 103 likes as of today.  It certainly won't be made again by me and I wonder who else has made one.  When the weather is much better, I will photograph better for my ravelry project page.

I also bought these a few weeks ago from  It's Sirdar Breeze in assorted colours and Firesong in two colours.  They are so good with prices and service that I ordered more on Tuesday evening quite late and I got them Thursday morning.  Hows that for service!  

The picture above is a flower I have been waiting to see for over a year.  It's called 'pulsatilla vulgaris' and I purchased it from a website and it has taken over a year to do anything.  It started getting green and shoots popping up and then a few weeks ago, the flowers fattened up and now they are here.  I bought them for Frank because they are one of his favourites and I must say, they are gorgeous!

Finally,  I apologise to the people who stop by and read my blog.  It's been about a month since I posted and it's not been an easy time and to be honest, I just wanted to hide away and be left alone.  Now spring is on it's way and hopefully things are back to normal, I can start enjoying life and love...

Here's a photo of Tipsy my old cat of around 14 years snuggled on the bed a few weeks ago and I bid you all a good weekend ahead and happy times!

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