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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Trying again

I have been trying for almost a week to put some photo's on here and what I normally do is switch my mobile phone off, take out the card and put it into a 'stick'. However, the laptop doesn't seem to acknowledge it and I end up getting frustrated and annoyed so I give up. I did however, manage to get some photo's onto the desktop (don't know why) so I will try and post a couple of pictures. Firstly, I finished the Downton Hat, I actually finished two. Out of 3 dark grey balls and 3 light grey balls I ended up doing two hats and a scarf. NOPE ARGH I TRIED TO PUT THE PHOTO'S ON HERE BUT IT JUST WONT DO IT!!!!!!! I am so sorry but I have little patience for these things! So you will just have to put up with my words instead. I also started another Christmas project which is called 'Reader Wrap'. I got some lovely chunky yarn and on the pockets I am going to stitch 'i'm busy'. I also completed a pair of children's fingerless gloves which was done very quickly. I started buying presents too...I got a bargain! A certain expensive aftershave with £16 off the price. I have been reading a little. I just finished Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macombre and I am hoping to start another book of hers. I usually go to bed around 9pm because there's nothing on the tv most evenings so try to read for about half an hour. Other than work and moaning about how hot or cold it has been, there's not been much going on. I still walk through the park every morning with a loaf of bread for the birds. I have some lovely photo's of them, crows, ducks, geese and they are use to me now that they get up really close on my side of the fence. I haven't done much baking lately and my jogging has been on the back burner for about 3 months. I really miss it and I have noticed with my tiredness that I should get back to it but am apprehensive because of my 'planter fascitis'. It hurts now and then but I just don't want to aggrevate it. Oh well, going to go and have a Sunday afternoon nap and a knit...have a good week.
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