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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday afternoon

It's been a busy couple of weeks as per the norm. Tammie is doing ok although she doesn't care for this humid weather, much like myself. We went to Shoeburyness last Saturday and had a walk around and ended up on a beautiful grass area with loads of tables for picnic's. Tammie was running around like she had escaped from prison and after an hour we sat down for a drink and a snack. The view of the sea alone is just so relaxing and the quiet, just brilliant. We took off for a walk to see what there was a bit further down and unfortunately that is as far as we got, Tammie started having a 'fit' and worry and panic set in. We held her for a while till it went off and carried her back to the train station. I rang the vet and they said to take her there so we managed to get to Romford within 2 hours and by then, Tammie was back to her normal self. I have had to succumb to the fact that she will get these occurrences now and then and have just got to not panic and just comfort her. The vet said when a dog comes out from a fit they don't remember it and because she only has one now and then, to just go with it and if she takes ages to come out of it, use the Diazepam to help her. I had a pretty normal week at work stuck in my office which I call 'The Pit' because there are no windows and lots of electrical equipment. I have a fan up on the wall behind me which helps but it does get pretty warm in there and sometimes, even opressive. But, am thankful that I have a job and do enjoy it. I
My knitting has been really enjoyable lately, I started a shawl by Laura Linneman from The Knit Girllls, it's her own design and it was quite easy to knit. I used 4mm needles and in the end I did 6 pattern repeats and 300 stitches. I used 3 balls of Rowan Panama and I actually finished it last night whilst sitting in the garden at 8pm when it's nice and cool. I measured it before I soaked and blocked it and it was 51.5 inches wingspan and then when I blocked it it measured 59 inches wingspan. I am hoping to wear it like a shrug at times in the Autumn, we will see. I have now started another project which I call Target 60. It's using up my acrylic yarn, mainly King Cole DK and making 60 crochet blocks from Jan Eaton's book that I have. I intend to do solid colours and then do a fancy lace, join as you go design in between and around the edges. I would love to get a whole load of blanket's made and call them my 'stash' instead of yarn. Will keep it posted on here as I do them. I also keep thinking about writing my crochet pattern for the round blanket I designed, just got to find the time to do it. Maybe when I retire! That's it for now, not much happening really. Got some annual leave booked at the end of August which I am looking forward, just got to book a dog sitter for a few days and we are hoping to take Tammie with us for a weekend away but the price of just train fares is just ridiculous. Won't let that stop us though! I will leave you with some photo's of my gorgeous hanging baskets...
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